Compassionate Spirit

This web site is concerned with a number of subjects, often very different, but with the unifying theme of “compassion.”

  • Limits to growth and ecological economics
  • Vegetarianism and veganism
  • Simple living and nonviolence

Ecological economics and limits to growth — why are we interested?

  • Because we need a U-turn in environmental policy, including difficult-to-implement and fundamental social changes, which need to happen at the individual, local, national, and international levels
  • Because the peak of world oil production likely occurred in 2018, and our leaders and most of the public are completely oblivious to the catastrophic economic consequences this will have
  • Because we are now experiencing the greatest mass extinction of plant and animal species since the mass extinction of the dinosaurs sixty-five million years ago, this time due to human activity
  • Because deforestation, soil erosion, habitat destruction, pollution, global warming are ripping apart the ecosystem, and this cannot fail to affect human beings at some point

Simple Living and Nonviolence — why are we interested?

  • Because we live in a materialistic culture which emphasizes consumption
  • Because this consumption is rapidly destroying the environment which supports life
  • Because our culture makes it difficult to live simply — because simple living is so “complex”
  • Because environmental destruction, climate change, and resource depletion will become a major social issue within the next few decades
  • Because the twentieth century had more violence between humans than any other century in history
  • Because we face a highly divided, heavily armed world with increasingly contentious environmental issues coming to the forefront

Vegetarianism / Veganism — why are we concerned?

  • Because a vegetarian or vegan diet is much healthier; vegetarians and especially vegans have dramatically reduced risk for heart disease, cancer and other degenerative diseases — diseases which have led to medical expenses which are spiraling out of control in the U. S. A.
  • Because a vegetarian, and especially a vegan diet, requires only a fraction of land resources such as soil, water, forests, and energy, which are now being devastated by the world’s meat-eating habits
  • Because nine billion animals are needlessly killed each year in the U. S. A. alone
  • Because these animals, killed for food, do not live easy lives, often cooped up in “factory farms,” nor do they die easy deaths

Jesus and the Ebionites — why are we interested?

  • Because Jesus preached a message of simple living and nonviolence, a message which the world needs, and which the “Christian” countries which are responsible for most of the cars, consumerism, meat-eating, fossil fuel usage, and environmental devastation in the world need especially urgently
  • Because too much of Christianity is silent about, or actually rejects, Jesus’ message of simple living and nonviolence
  • Because the message of simple living and nonviolence was preserved best by those early Christians who were Jewish — the “Ebionites,” or “the poor,” who practiced simple living, pacifism, and vegetarianism
  • Because disillusionment with Christianity is increasing by leaps and bounds

P. S. I took the photo of the bridge (at the very top of this page and other pages) in the fall of 2011 at Cumberland Mountain State Park in Tennessee.


3 thoughts on “Compassionate Spirit

  1. malcolm james

    I look forward to learning more from keith akers, he has already
    answered questions i have had for a long time. my wife and I
    have been vegetarians for 10yrs,although we are in our 70s
    so were late converts.

  2. Jerry Cornwell

    Thank you so much for your wonderful site. I found you through searches concerning the Clementine Recognitions. Your library solved my inquiries in no time. The other links look fascinating. I’ll be back. Hope Mr. Akers is feeling well and on the mend. Happy holidays and the best of New Years for you and your loved ones.

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