About Keith Akers

Keith Akers is a writer and activist. He has published four books, EMBRACING LIMITS (Earth Animal Trust, 2023),   DISCIPLES (Apocryphile Press, 2013), THE LOST RELIGION OF JESUS (Lantern Books, 2000), and A VEGETARIAN SOURCEBOOK (G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1983). He’s also been published in VegNews, Vegetarian Times, and other vegetarian and vegan publications. In his former life as a computer consultant, he worked on projects with the US Departments of State and Education, American Management Systems, Bell Atlantic Nynex Mobile (now Verizon), and others.

More recently, he has made an appearance in the documentary film Christspiracy (in theaters March 20, 2024), where he answered questions about Jesus’ opposition to animal sacrifice.

Keith Akers is available to speak on various subjects on your podcast, videocast, or in-person gathering, including:

  • Plant-based diets and the environmental crisis
  • The cow in the room: livestock and climate change
  • Biodiversity collapse and you: Are humans the next dinosaurs?
  • Eight billion vegans? Water, soil, and population
  • Degrowth, veganism, and social change
  • Jesus and vegetarianism, or other topics related to the historical Jesus

He has been researching environmental issues ever since 1970, when he attended a rally on the first Earth Day.

He’s been involved with various vegetarian or vegan groups for the past four decades, including the Vegetarian Society of D. C. (where he served as President), the Vegetarian Society of Colorado (where he also served as President), and the International Vegetarian Union (where he served as Regional Secretary for North America).  Currently he’s a co-organizer of the Meetup group Denver Vegans, is living in Denver, Colorado, U. S. A., and is married to Kate Lawrence.

You can find Keith’s Twitter page here.

You can reach Keith here.

If you’re local to Denver, visit the Denver Vegans where you’ll probably run into him at some point. If you’re not local, send him an e-mail (see above) or comment on something on the blog that interests you.  Stay in touch.