Western Yoga podcast interview

Rev. Chris Sartain recently interviewed me on the Western Yoga podcast. We discussed a variety of topics concerning two of my books, Disciples and Embracing Limits, such as the history of vegetarianism, the conflict in the early Christian church, simple living, limits to growth, and the environmental crisis.

Chris Sartain lives in Chile, is an ordained teacher in the Kriya Yoga tradition, and is the director of Vinyasa Yoga Chile. His podcast is about Yoga as it is practiced and taught in the West, and discusses Yoga philosophy and practices from a Westerner’s point of view. This is Episode 42 of the Western Yoga podcast.



VRG reviews Embracing Limits

The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) published a review of Embracing Limits in their latest issue of Vegan Journal (vol. 42, issue 4), on p. 33.  The review was written by Anna Markulis. You can also find it on their blog online here. I am republishing it below.

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Keith Akers’ new book, Embracing Limits, is an enjoyable and intriguing read that offers a unique perspective on the environmental crisis that our generation is faced with and will continue to be affected by in the future. Akers argues the cause of environmental destruction, at its core, is the human desire for limitless growth and expansion. He explains that the most effective solution we can do as humans is to “embrace limits” and relinquish our near unquenchable desire for expansion and growth. Continue reading “VRG reviews Embracing Limits