Why isn’t “limits to growth” obvious? (video)

Why isn’t “limits to growth” obvious? We live on a finite planet, with finite resources. The economy depends on these resources. This shouldn’t be that complicated, but somehow it is. If we’re going to deal with the environmental crisis, and get to a vegan world, we need to figure out these questions.

This is my second video on “limits to growth and veganism,” based on the ideas for the talk I gave last fall on “Limits to growth and veganism” via Zoom. Please comment below on questions that you have or things that you’d like to hear more about.

2 Replies to “Why isn’t “limits to growth” obvious? (video)”

  1. Sadly, “common” sense isn’t so common. I think the vast majority are indoctrinated from a young age to believe many fallacious ideas: eating animal products is necessary, work hard and you will be successful, etc. Sadly many of these are killing our planet as you point out.

    1. Just so! And they have economists convinced (ie: capitalist brainwashing) we can just grow our economy forever – even if our staple and essential resources are dwindling. They’ve got them thinking if we just sell enough apps, download video games, music, etc, we can keep on expanding economically forever. It isn’t going to work this way of course; it’s an absurd theory. We need wealth redistribution but they would rather round us up and put us in slave camps. I mean this seriously and literally! They have a problem there too however – because I have a gun! This article below is saying things are worse than scientists can admit to themselves!


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