Interview on “Main Street Vegan”

UPDATE January 31, 2015: here is the direct link to the recording of this podcast.

I will be interviewed by Victoria Moran of “Main Street Vegan” on Wednesday, June 18, at 1 pm Mountain Daylight time (that’s noon Pacific, 2 pm Central, and 3 pm Eastern). Most people listen to the podcast rather than the live show, but for those who listen in, we will be giving away a free copy of either Disciples or The Lost Religion of Jesus. Call in with questions: 888-558-6489 (U.S.); 816-347-5519 (outside the U.S).  After the show the episode will be posted on the “Main Street Vegan” web site. To listen to the podcast while it’s in progress, go to



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  1. Glad to here the good news of your presentation. We will listen to the interview on the podcast.

  2. The podcast is now posted at the above link. The interview with me begins at about 16:40. Charles Chen is in the segment before that, and at 13:45 Victoria tells the story of how Paul McCartney once bought her a drink.

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