Review of “Disciples” by Drew Hensley

The following is a review of Disciples by Drew Hensley, posted on Amazon’s web site.

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The author let me see an early manuscript of this book. This work goes well beyond The Lost Religion of Jesus in making the case that Jesus was an ethical vegetarian who sought to bring down the sacrificial system of which the Temple was the epicenter. This new book is filled with graphs and charts and laid out in a way that is remarkably easy to follow and enables the reader to hold the lines of evidence together mentally.

One new piece of evidence that emerges in this book is a translation of Thomas in which Jesus looks to be a vegan! If we can date the lost gospel early and if the translation and interpretation are accurate, then we have at least one document written shortly after the death of Jesus that indicates he was vegan.

This book needs to be read by all Christians, animal activists, animal lovers, ethical vegetarians, bible scholars, theologians, historians and skeptics! This highly anticipated new book could be a game changer in historical Jesus studies.

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    1. From food. People in ancient times didn’t suffer from dietary vitamin B12 deficiency because modern standards of hygiene were absent. Today we are so hygienic that even cattle are being fed B12 supplements.

      1. An answer, in hindsight, that should have been obvious – I’ll have to remember this and thanks!

  1. Think I need to get this book. I have always loved animals like they were my children, and do volunteer work with rescues. Left Christianity because I found the prevailing attitude towards animals and their suffering too offensive. If that makes my faith too weak, then so be it…and yeah, I am vegan, naturally.

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