About Neurofeedback

My encounter with neurofeedback was a positive and interesting event during my recent stroke treatment. Neurofeedback is a therapy for various types of injuries or problems with the brain, including both those considered “physical” (like stroke) and those considered “mental” (like depression).  There seems to be solid scientific evidence backing up its usefulness, yet it is not generally recognized as effective either by the medical community or by the general public. In this somewhat lengthy blog I thought I’d pass along my own experience and what I’ve learned from reading and talking to others. Continue reading “About Neurofeedback”

Interview with John Howe

John Howe, with a solar tractor and solar car

John Howe is a vegetarian who “walks the walk” concerning sustainability and simple living on his farm in Maine. He is the author of The End of Fossil Energy. His book is excellent and deserves more attention, especially from vegetarians. For further information and/or to obtain the complete nine-chapter manuscript, contact howe@megalink.net. My questions are in bold, with his responses following.

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