About PlantPositive

“Eating meat”: homo erectus female, Smithsonian institution

Powerful forces in our society would like to create confusion about diet and health. These forces try to create doubt about the overwhelming evidence linking meat, dairy, and animal products, with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. The behavior of these “confusionists” is very similar to that of the tobacco companies arguing that smoking doesn’t cause cancer, or to that of the fossil fuel industry trying to create doubt about human-caused climate change.

There is now an important new web site, PlantPositive.com, devoted to bringing the truth to light about diet and health. Continue reading “About PlantPositive”

What Would Jesus Eat?

Jesus in the temple (Greco)

Does it matter to Christians, thinking about vegetarianism, whether Jesus ate meat and/or fish?  Obviously it does matter.  It’s sufficiently obvious that I am tempted just to make this an essay assignment for a group of high-school vegans: “A group of Christian vegetarians says that we shouldn’t eat meat, but admits that Jesus ate meat. Can you see any problems with this approach? Discuss.” Continue reading “What Would Jesus Eat?”

Are We Screwed?

The April 2013 issue of VegNews, their environmental issue, asks on the cover: “Are We Screwed?” The cover quickly adds: “We don’t think so—219 reasons why!”

I don’t see any list of 219 reasons, but the ones listed on the cover are definitely not convincing to anyone who understands the seriousness of climate change and resource depletion. The VegNews cover advertises, “Eco-entrepreneurs are turning trash into treasure”; “New Zealand’s pristine beauty,” “detoxing your home is a breeze,” and some others (see photo). Inside, there’s even an article on travel to New Zealand! Continue reading “Are We Screwed?”