Are Humans Naturally Vegetarian?

Kathy Freston recently published a blog on the Huffington Post which argues that “humans are natural vegetarians.” She wants to combat the perception that “eating meat was an essential step in human evolution.” The evidence she cites is actually quite good.  She mentions the China Study, noting that substantial genetic modifications only occur over the space of tens of millions of years, and the fact that we are anatomically closest to species (past and present) which are vegetarian.

There are several significant problems, though.  What do we mean by “human” and what do we mean by “natural”?  Unless we separate out what we mean by all this, the arguments will be endless and unresolvable.  And there is one key issue, megafaunal extinctions in the past 100,000 years or so, which can most easily be explained on the basis of the dominance of hunting, and which is very related to human evolution. Continue reading “Are Humans Naturally Vegetarian?”

Too Smart For Our Own Good

Too Smart for our Own Good: The Ecological Predicament of Humankind.  Craig Dilworth.  Cambridge University Press, 2009.

Wow, what a book! Craig Dilworth, a Canadian professor of philosophy, has written a significant new book on our ecological predicament. I hope that everyone who is interested in any sort of environmental issues, including and especially vegans, should take a look at this book. Continue reading “Too Smart For Our Own Good”