HSUS Letter to Denver City Council on the FPA Ordinance


I have just received a PDF copy of a letter the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) sent to Denver City Council concerning the proposed Food Producing Animals ordinance.  Read the whole thing (PDF document) here.

The letter raises a number of interesting points, some of which have not been publicly expressed so far in the discussion.  Continue reading “HSUS Letter to Denver City Council on the FPA Ordinance”

Interview: Why the environmental issue is important for vegans

Last January 21, the KPOV show “All Things Vegan” aired an interview of me in which we discussed a number of issues, the most important of which is why the environmental issue is important for vegans. The following clip gives the segment of the show which interviews me (it’s about 17½ minutes long).  Click the picture below to listen to the interview.  (EDIT: This link was broken, so I have replaced it with the link to the “All Things Vegan” show. The interview with me starts at about 40:25).


“Year of the Dog” — a good or a bad movie?

[Spoiler alert: in case you haven’t already seen the “Year of the Dog,” this article totally gives away the plot.]

"Year of the Dog" -- nice acting . . . but . .

“Year of the Dog” is a 2007 “dark comedy” about Peggy (played by Mollie Shannon), a young single woman and animal lover whose beloved pet dog dies. She becomes and stays vegan and becomes an activist. It comes highly recommended by some vegans. It is on the VegNews list of 10 must-see films. The portrayal of the central character is basically sympathetic; the screen writer is evidently a  near-vegan and intended the movie as sympathetic to veganism. Continue reading ““Year of the Dog” — a good or a bad movie?”