Dear President-elect Obama

(UPDATE July 18, 2020: This article was first published in November 2008 and was for some years on the website as a static page, but later dropped. I have now converted it into a blog entry. Some of my ideas at that time, such as that an economic collapse would start during his term of office, obviously are not true. But I am re-posting it so that people will know what I have been thinking about over the years.)

Everyone’s got their memo to the new President. Here is mine.

Dear President-elect Obama:

All of the critical problems that the country faces come down to a single problem, the environmental crisis. Environmentalists have warned for decades that our industrial economy based on indefinite growth could not go on forever. Now it is we, not our children or grandchildren, who must face the crisis. There are three immediate manifestations of this problem: (1) global warming, (2) depletion of oil supplies, (3) the rise of new epidemic diseases. Continue reading “Dear President-elect Obama”